Structural Vibration

Optimizing occupant experience, equipment performance and structural integrity by understanding and mitigating vibration

Structural vibration can subtly undermine an otherwise successful project.

  • In workplaces or meeting venues, it can cause people to be distracted, reducing productivity or enjoyment.
  • In high-tech environments, it can degrade the performance of susceptible equipment, causing operational or profitability issues.
  • For flexible structures such as bridges and grandstands, synchronized movement of pedestrians can cause disconcerting and even dangerous motion in the structure.

pedestrians on elevated walkway

Our service

We evaluate the vibration source, transmission path and receiver (human or machine). In this analysis, we consider not only the magnitude of vibration but also how often it occurs. We then propose solutions that balance occupant concerns with your performance goals.

Solutions can include steps to

  • Isolate or relocate the source
  • Change the structural dynamics of the path
  • Relocate or make accommodations at the receiving location.

Our solutions are uniquely effective because we consider the bigger picture. Often we do vibration analysis as part of a larger evaluation of a design. That means we’ve seen how vibration solutions work in the context of other issues, such as acoustics, noise, foundation design, seismic- or wind-induced motion, and so on.

This broad experience also means we are able to produce more accurate computer models of vibration. These models require an estimate of the structure’s ability to absorb vibration—its structural damping. These estimates depend crucially on specialist judgment developed through experiment and experience.