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Continuing Down the Road Towards Net-zero Carbon

2018 OAPPA Annual Conference - 
Continuing Down the Road Towards Net-zero Carbon

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Mike Williams
Technical Director | Principal
+1.519.823.1311 x2980
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May 31, 2018
9:20 AM, Toronto Time (GMT-4)
York University, Seymour Schulich Building Lecture Hall


At OAPPA 2017 we shared our net-zero carbon campus roadmap, which outlined a framework to allow carbon to be integrated into a campuses long term capital and facility plans. One year later, we are returning with feedback from discussions we have had with several of Ontario's leading higher education institutions. This presentation will:

  1. Share an updated version of our low-carbon campus roadmap.
  2. Explain some of the common challenges we faced when attempting to implement the roadmap at several institutions.
  3. Highlight future opportunities we see on the near term horizon that will further incentivize carbon planning.
  4. Provide an overview of some of the projects we are supporting that have the potential to achieve deep carbon savings.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain how carbon can be incorporated into long term facility and capital plans.
  2. Highlight some projects that are underway or are in the planning stages that have the potential to achieve significant carbon savings.
  3. Share lessons learned through recent conversations with facility and capital planners regarding the implementation of carbon plans at higher education institutions.

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